Ways to Freshen up Your Home’s Interior

When you’re looking on interior paint colors for your home, you choose hues that speak to your personal style. While the colors on your walls are a reflect of your personality, it’s important to know that the colors you ultimately decide on can also affect your mood and thoughts.

1. Create a vignette you love

How’s the top of your sideboard, tallboy or bedside table looking? If you do an eye roll every time you look at one of those spaces, why not turn it into a vignette you love?

You can find vignette inspiration everywhere but our ‘go to’ source is Instagram which is where we found this stunning bedroom inspo!

2. Rearrange furniture

After the festive season, our wallets can feel a little stretched but freshening up your home doesn’t have to cost money.

Simply rearranging furniture in a room can have huge impact and give it a new feel. Consider pulling furniture away from the walls, orienting some pieces in a different direction or even moving some pieces into different rooms

3. Introduce a new colour palette

Colour affects our emotions and moods and in 2017, why not embrace the colour of the year Greenery?

There are articles on the web that explains the phycology behind colours so you can choose wisely.

You can introduce this colour in a big way by painting walls or using it as an accent colour in your decor and furnishings — think cushions, artwork and homewares.

4. Out with the old

If you don’t absolutely love it (aka almost willing to die for it), or haven’t used it in the past 12 months, it’s a sign you may just be able to let it go.

Decluttering can actually be a good opportunity to sell items you no longer want or need to make money to buy that piece you’ve always wanted.

7. Hang some new wall art

As a famous artist says “Art doesn’t always have to be behind glass” so when looking for new wall art, consider a sculptural piece.

There’s also a huge range of affordable wall prints on the market today and if you really want to treat yourself, you could commission an original artwork from a fave artist.

5. Redress your bed

Fall in love with your bedroom again by giving your bed a hot new look. Select a quilt cover that ties into your new colour palette or fits with the new direction you want to take your interiors and find a few cushions to complement the look. Finish with a throw.

6. Light up your space

Like colour, lighting plays a big part in affecting how we feel in our home. If all the lighting in your home is from the ceiling, you may want to look at investing in some floor lamps or table lamps to introduce softer lighting.


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